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Taryn J.

Ms. Peppo has over twenty years’ experience in the building maintenance industry and has held the position of President since 1995. She was responsible for carving a niche for Manhattan Maintenance as a leader in maintaining banking facilities which included clients such as Wachovia, PNC and Valley National and North Fork Banks. In addition to that, she was able to add The Prudential Center Arena to the MMC client portfolio, and once again was able to carve a niche into the pharmaceutical industry adding clients such as Glaxo Smith Kline Beecham(multiple locations) , OHM Laboratories, and Merck. Government contracts include defense contractor ITT Industries (with whom we hold DOD- secret clearance), the Veterans Administration, General Services Administration, FEMA, Army Reserves, and The Army Corps of Engineers.


VP of Sales, Marketing & Facilities Management

Mr. Barnes has been in the field for over 12 years with a focus on special event promotions, one-source accounts and facilities management. The special event services include Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, where we run a 24/7 operation for 3.5 weeks providing all facility support services. Mr. Barnes is responsible for establishing MMC as sole-source provider to a multitude of hospital and industrial networks, including Goldwater North Hospital. In addition to actively pursuing all venues of sales, he is responsible for the implementation and strategy in our media/marketing campaign about the benefits of utilizing MMC.

Vice President of

Mr. Barnes has been in the maintenance industry for over 36 years, having served in operations and executive positions for a multitude of accounts, ranging from residential high-rises to industrial warehouses. His specialty is in floor and carpets, and his plan implementation is used as a costs-savings in our proposals. Mr. Barnes is currently responsible for purchasing, structuring and assigning key personnel to each facility and integrating MMC systems with the client systems. He serves as an outreach coordinator and liaison to efficiently and effectively set up all nuances and to continually update the clients’ needs.

Vice President of Human Resources

Mrs. Barnes oversees the Human Resources Department of MMC, which includes recruiting, benefits, labor relations and other key issues.

Director of

Mr. Callejas works closely with Ty Barnes and Adeline Barnes to properly structure each account with the proper resources. Mr. Callejas is also a specialist in floor and carpet care, utilizing a variety of systems. He provides the training and implementation programs to upper management and lead positions. He tailors the training and follow-up based on client specifications. He makes certain that all OSHA guidelines are followed and our products are all green-certified.


Director of
Retail Accounts
Edner Jean Baptiste

Mr. Jean Baptiste has been with MMC heading up the Retail Accounts Division for 5 years. Mr. Jean Baptiste moved up the ranks quickly; he started out as a cleaner, then quickly moved up to a supervisor at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, then moved up to Project Manager of Fashion Week. Recognized for his ability to quickly resolve issues in the field, he was again promoted to his current position, where he is responsible for all retail monthly surveys, on-site tours, training, client contact and follow-up.

Director of Project Management & Security

Mr. Caruso has a background in project management, security and safety that spans over 34 years.

Director of
Customer Relations
Marciela Mendez

Ms. Mendez has over 11 years’ experience in customer relations. Ms. Mendez is one of the first members of MMC to contact a new client in order to establish immediate dialogue and get the team activated and acclimated to what service goals must be achieved on our end.


Mr. Callejas has been with MMC for the past 8 years. He currently analyzes the current supply status at each location to evaluate our cost-saving methods and products that serve us well. He is responsible for the upkeep of the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) and make certain they are distributed properly to each site, and that our employees are given the proper tools and equipment and knowledge on how to use our products safely.


Customer Service
Karen Morningwake

Ms. Morningwake is a 5 year employee of MMC. Her responsibility is to ensure that all customer work tickets, complaints and special requests are completed and signed off on to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Edwin Hernandez

Mr. Hernandez has worked for MMC since 2011 and coordinates the management of our facilities. He follows the scheduling requirements and acts as a liaison between the field and the office by coordinating the required duties to our employees at our various job sites.

Director of Account Coordination

Ms. Lara has over 30 years’ experience in account coordination, and she works closely with Maricela Mendez to implement smooth transitions with minimal interruption to our clients. She addresses the nuances such as keys, alarms, entry points and identification provisions where necessary.



Regional Operations Managers (RMs):

RMs are responsible for all employees and the delivery of janitorial services and supplies in their respective regions of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. They will continually conduct spot checks in each location during day and evening hours, and provide and maintain all janitorial equipment and supplies. Responsibilities also include scheduling, contractual obligations and reporting daily events in their region to the corporate office.


Supervisors receive their assignments from our operations department on a daily basis. These individuals announce and hold impromptu inspections, hold monthly meetings with each technician in their region of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania and must fill in or provide supervised staff at a location in an emergency situation in the event of a cleaner’s absence. All service calls are routed to the supervisors to carry out the assignments with the cleaners in their region or building. In a Corporate Facility, the supervisor is solely responsible for the entire scope of services in that location yet still report to their Regional Operations Manager.



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