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Paterson Public School No. 18 Career Day


career day – President Taryn Peppo participated in Paterson Public School #18’s Career Day. She conducted 5 twenty five minute Q&A sessions about career paths for the middle school students in 6-8th grade. Taryn gave an overview of what her job as President and Owner of a Janitorial Services Company entails from day-to-day. She talked about the educational path that is required to become a company president. Then she spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of being, “the person in charge.”

Next she spoke about changes she sees coming to the janitorial service industry and to the status of company president.  Then she gave the students suggestions on what they need to do now if they would like to be a company president and business owner. The students asked some insightful questions and enjoyed the props that Taryn brought.

The students demonstrated many skills that will make them successful in life; they:

  • Listened Attentively
  • Dressed Well
  • Spoke Loudly and Clearly
  • Made Eye Contact
  • Asked Relevant Questions
  • Were Very Eager to Learn
  • Demonstrated Respect for the Speaker and the Other Students

If these students are representative of students throughout the United States, then we can expect great things in the future!

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