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Why your Janitorial Services Provider Should be Insured


Make sure the company you hire has insurance. Contact the insurance company to verify. There are unscrupulous companies out there. Make sure you don’t get tricked.

Cleaning professionals often have unattended access to client business premises. They work in empty buildings and frequently work near expensive items that can be damaged (think artwork, computers and client files). They intentionally spread water on the floors, making them very slippery. Sometimes (though rarely) a cleaning person will see something they really want and will take it. This doesn’t happen very often because the cleaning personnel are usually well aware that most businesses use security cameras. Slip and falls happen, breakage happens, theft happens. That’s why reputable companies buy insurance.

The first insurance they should have is auto insurance to cover any damage done by the janitorial company’s personnel while on your business campus. Auto insurance should cover any damage caused by the janitorial services vehicle to the property, people or other vehicles.

General liability insurance covers both the janitorial service provider and the clients against claims for injury, negligence and property damage related to the services provided.
Workers compensation insurance covers injury from working.

Workers’ comp pays for all necessary and reasonable medical treatment for conditions related to a work-related injury or disease. This covers doctors’ visits, physical therapy, prescriptions, surgery, medical equipment, and other treatment if necessary. The insurance company pays the medical providers directly.

Also ask about risk management: what does the janitorial company do to prevent accidents from happening? What are the special trainings? Review the written procedures.

Look for a company that is; Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Then confirm with the insurance company that the policy is in place.
Please don’t rely on information in this article. Please see your insurance expert and attorney.

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