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Our Executive Summary

Manhattan Maintenance Company (MMC) has provided quality facility maintenance and janitorial services for over thirty years throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Through customer and employee feedback, corporate adaptation to new technology/procedures and utilization of our customer driven management team, MMC has identified ways to reduce customer maintenance budgets while continuing to customize cleaning services to the specification of each client.

More than ever, today’s commercial customer is faced with multiple challenges, such as tightened budgets and reduced profit margins and reduced corporate maintenance/management staff and budgets. MMC’s executive summary will outline the advantages of utilizing our highly customizable customer service, quality control and maintenance programs to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Typical Janitorial Related Customer Issues Faced when using Other Cleaning Vendors

Hiring the correct cleaning company increases the productivity of purchasing agents and facility managers alike by reducing their activity in facilities-related matters/issues. Because MMC has been on the cutting edge of the janitorial industry since 1984, we do not have layer upon layer of redundant management. MMC has been able to expand on our business with each and every client because they feel comfortable that MMC resolves issues proactively with MMC ownership on-site. MMC’s proactive actions are especially useful with the following common cleaning related topics:

    • MMC has a corporate turnover rate of lower than 7%, which is minimal compared to the national janitorial industry average of 28.5%. MMC pays our staff above-market wages and rapidly promotes qualified personnel internally.


    • Other Cleaning Companies have High Turnover and New People Every Night – The cleaning industry has one of the highest turnover rates in the United States economy. When other cleaning companies are forced to continuously replace existing cleaners with new untrained personnel, the client suffers because of a fluctuation in the cleaning quality. New/untrained cleaners tend to forget special cleaning instructions which implies a lack of effort and understanding which frustrates all parties involved.


    • A Customer’s Facility Staff is Spending too Much Time on Cleaning Issues – Managing a facility requires the ability to multitask and prioritize one’s time to address client requests/complaints and the needs of the facility. However, when tenants/employees are dissatisfied with the cleaning service, facility management must respond. Putting out fires such as cleaning duties detracts from the real job of a facility manager, such as strengthening tenant relations and/or completing those items that remain on the property’s “to do list.” It is not the job of a facility manager to continually deal with cleaning issues that should have been performed correctly the first time or could have been proactively resolved by an experienced cleaning company.


  • MMC dedicates a resident manager at each facility we service to manage the cleaning crew and the relationship between our firm and the client’s point of contact, proactively eliminating problems. Our resident managers are promoted internally to ensure they comply with MMC’s demand for superior performance.

How MMC Produces Quality Janitorial Services


Service Issue Resolution

The ultimate goal of MMC employees is perfection in the services we provide. That means never forgetting a task or an area, but no one is 100% perfect; after all, we’re only human. What separates MMC from other vendors is our immediate action taken to identify and rectify service-related issues. MMC resolves issues the first time they are identified and does not allow performance issues to fester. This is accomplished via our Quality Control Program and use of highly trained and motivated on-site management staff. The MMC Quality Control Program groups cleaning issues into three categories:

  • Contract Work
  • Complaints or Cleaning Related Issues
  • Non-Contract Work- additional services

Via Nextel two-way radios, cell phones and PALM Wireless Technology, MMC’s on-site management is notified immediately of cleaning problems and visits their point of contact to determine the category of the cleaning issue. If it is determined to be a contract work issue, the district/area manager is dispatched to implement and supervise corrective actions and retrain the employee if necessary. The registered issue is not closed out in our Quality Control System until a signed copy of the complaint sheet is returned to the account’s manager. District Manager’s bonuses are based on how quickly complaint sheets are resolved and closed out in MMC’s system, which has improved customer satisfaction by 38% since implementation in 1999.

MMC’s Operations Department

Team Member

Leila Lara,
Account Manager

Lewis Reaves,
Operations Manager

Oscar Salazar,
Project Manager

Experience & General Capabilities

Over a decade of Account Management Experience at MMC

Specializes in Servicing Pharmaceutical and Corporate Clients

Start-up Phase Project Manager

Manhattan Maintenance Company designs a cleaning program to achieve each client’s janitorial goals. Years of industry service and lessons learned have played a critical role in the evolution of MMC’s Operations Department. Our Quality Control Department addresses the issues that are most important to each customer and their facility. Specifically, MMC has identified the following as benefits of utilizing our services and industry expertise:

    • Best Value for your Cleaning Investment – Remember, hiring a cleaning service is an investment.


    • MMC customizes a cost-effective cleaning program that addresses every facility’s specific needs. Our on-site staff and management team have experience staffing similar jobs and are familiar with the service area’s labor pool. MMC’s due diligence has confirmed that labor costs are within your budget and cleaning quality exceeds your expectations.


    • MMC is an integrated part of every client’s organization; your goals become our goals! We provide cleaning services as a client’s representative. Because of our proactive approach, the facility will receive additional services as a result of our frequent quality inspections and immediate response to your cleaning requests, creating satisfied employees.


    • MMC’s Services are an Asset to our Clients


  • Hiring Manhattan Maintenance will assure that you are working with a proven partner that has gained a favorable reputation by servicing contracts and facilities for the largest companies in the nation. Property managers view MMC as an invaluable asset because MMC frees up a substantial amount of time for them by doing our job correctly the first time. Manhattan Maintenance Company has earned the trust of our clients.

MMC Provides High Quality Reliable Cleaning


    • Quarterly monetary bonuses for all employees based on performance rating and customer satisfaction.


    • MMC utilizes proprietary quality control procedures administered by senior management on-site that identify areas of improvement. MMC then proactively corrects deficiencies before they are escalated to our client point of contact.


  • Bi-weekly quality control phone calls/meetings to review performance.
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