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Oh no, I spilled my green beer!


St. Patrick’s Day Advice:

I know a thing or two about green beer; even though I have never actually consumed it. Then how did I become the green beer expert? I know about green beer because I provide cleaning services in the New York City area.

As you know everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Every bar and many restaurants serve green beverages. Some customers consume a lot of beverages, and get a little tipsy. When they get tipsy, they spill those beautiful green beverages onto the floor and carpet.

Usually, spilling on the floors is not too serious. Clean it up quickly and it’s no problem but, allow it to sit overnight and the stain will set and will require some special methods to clean it up.

What should one do when green beer spills on your carpet? First, let me give you some good news. Food coloring breaks down easily in acidic liquids. Beer is acidic. The beer starts the cleaning process for you.

Blot the spill with clean white rags. Don’t scrub. The green should disappear. If not, use a little vinegar or lemon juice to break down the dye. This should remove most of the green. Then just use some mild soap in cool water to remove any residue.

If you own a carpet shampooer, use it. Clean with cold water and mild detergent, to remove whatever color remains. DO NOT USE HOT WATER. This is important because hot water sets stains and can make dye permanent.

It’s important to address the stain before it dries. If any staining remains, sprinkle it with baking soda; spread plastic wrap over the spill and weigh it down with a book or two. It should be clean in the morning. If not, call a professional to clean your carpet.

Have fun tonight, and enjoy your libations.

I hope you don’t have to call us to clean your carpet tomorrow, but we will have our carpet cleaners ready; just in case. stock-vector-st-patrick-s-day-poster-vector-illustration-246737929[1]

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