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I have to share this with the world!


I have a plan to make the workday safer for all of my clients. This post is step one in that plan.

After 31 years of providing maintenance and cleaning services to a variety of commercial clients; I suddenly had a brainstorm. Now that this brilliant idea has revealed itself to me; I feel that I must share it with others.

I am a neat freak. I like everything in its place and I get anxious when I walk into a client’s office and see crumbs on their desks. All I can think about are the germs that are left behind when bugs and rodents are attracted to that food debris. Many of our clients have a rule; you don’t clean a desk with papers on it. Most people don’t clear their desks at the end of the day; so most desks don’t get cleaned.

Step two: Talk to my clients about the germs that are left behind when people eat at their desks. We all eat at our desks, at least occasionally, sometimes even talking on the phone and typing on the keyboard as we eat. How many of us pull out a desk wipe to sanitize our work areas after we finish dining? My cleaning experience shows that very few people do.
Step three: Ask my clients to create a calendar invite to all employees asking them to put away all papers on their desks, every Friday. That way, the desks will be cleaned and sanitized at least one day per week.

Step four: Give my clients and potential clients a bottle of desk cleaning wipes in a cute storage container, so they can keep it out on their desks. If they see it, they may remember to use it when they eat lunch at their desks.

The clients gets a cleaner and healthier environment for their employees, my employees get a less germy work environment and the clients’ employees get to spend less time at the doctor’s and more time at work. That’s a win, win, win!

If you would like more information on green cleaning and germs in the workplace, please send me an email. I will bring you a bottle of desk wipes and stories about germs that will make you reach for your hand sanitizer.

Taryn Peppo
Manhattan Maintenance Company

PS I will be traveling around New York and New Jersey next week, delivering this important message. I would love to stop and see you if you are available. Send me an email and I will let you know which day I will be in your area.

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