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From the day we are awarded a contract, Manhattan Maintenance sets the tone for the type of relationship our firm will have with your company. Our superior internal organization and external supervisory network ensures we have all of the necessary information at our fingertips and our employees are prepared with all of the necessary knowledge and alternatives for the account.

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Quality Control Procedures

The efficiency with which Manhattan Maintenance operates depends largely on how effectively we manage our personnel. Effective personnel administration begins with programs that recruit employees for jobs compatible with their abilities and encourages the development of these employees. MMC strives to provide an atmosphere for motivation so that each employee will contribute his or her maximum performance to the team effort. This is accomplished by:

  • Planning the work so that custodial personnel understand, perform and meet the work objectives.
  • Organizing so that custodial personnel function effectively and efficiently as a team to accomplish all contract requirements.
  • Following up and inspecting to be certain that results conform to the plan.
  • A Quarterly Employee Monetary Bonus Program.

All Periodic and Daily/Non-Periodic custodial and janitorial tasks have assigned standards to which each custodian is trained to and required to follow.


Custodial Areas and Work Assignment

When MMC services a facility, each work area will be assigned a supervisor who will be ultimately responsible and accountable for ensuring all janitorial services and related support tasks are accomplished, on time and to the standards expected.
Each custodial area will be assigned to a specific cleaner (porter/matron) for the accomplishment of all daily/non-periodic or periodic housekeeping cleaning. A custodial area is defined as the maximum amount of space a single custodian can effectively and efficiently clean during one work shift. The assignment of work will take place when we have had a chance to review the facility in detail and discuss our proposed approach with the client.


Managing the Assigned Work

Manhattan Maintenance’s on-site custodial supervisors are responsible for monitoring the cleaning of a group of offices and other areas to be cleaned. These supervisors will be provided with a three-ring notebook with enough dividers to provide a section for each “custodial area” under his/her direction. Each section contains a breakdown of the rooms or facilities in that particular custodian’s area based on either the daily and non-periodic tasks, or other appropriate forms, for periodic cleaning tasks. In addition, the appropriate inspection sheet will be contained therein to record that an assignment has taken place acceptably or not. There is also space to record notes or any other useful data.
Each supervisor begins each shift with a quick briefing to every custodian under his/her direction. During this briefing, the supervisor will inform the custodians of the periodic cleaning assignments to be performed that day. Each day thereafter the supervisor begins the shift by evaluating the periodic cleaning services performed the previous day. If the assignment was completed satisfactorily, he will note the date it was accomplished and then make the next assignments. Each supervisor is responsible for updating the Master Schedules in the Project Manager’s Office. A quick glance at either the supervisor’s notebook or the Master Schedule will tell you several things immediately:

  • The latest date any room or facility was thoroughly cleaned
  • The time elapsed between office cleaning
  • Whether the supervisor is accomplishing cleaning in a timely and consistent manner throughout the area



Performance Rating

Manhattan Maintenance uses predetermined criteria to evaluate the performance of our employees. Under this method, supervisory performance can be graded by the following criteria:

  • What is the number of periodic tasks a supervisor should achieve in a given month after adjustments for absences and vacation days?
  • What is the number actually achieved?
  • If 90 were actually achieved and 100 were possible, that’s a score of 90%.
  • By setting 80% as the minimum acceptable score, it becomes very easy to identify which supervisors are having problems without even leaving the office. In turn, the data entered in their own notebooks make it simple to review what those problems were and correct them.



Verification of Performance

The account manager, quality control manager and area supervisors conduct regular spot checks of the daily and periodic assignments entered in the binders by the supervisors. If the supervisor of Crew #1 says custodians a, b, and c, gave acceptable periodic cleaning to room one, two and three, the project manager can go straight to those rooms to verify or dispute the claim.
These checks, performed randomly, make dishonesty hazardous and pointless, for there is no good reason for a supervisor to cheat in the first place. Moreover, we need to understand why the assignment is not being accomplished as scheduled and fix it either by adjusting the schedule or make effective an ineffective custodian.
The supervisory and cleaner performance rating system is important to our cleaners because it is used to determine these employees’ quarterly bonuses offered via the MMC Monetary Bonus Program. At the conclusion of a calendar quarter, the ACs review each employee’s rating sheets and identifies all employees that graded out at 90% or better. These individuals are deemed to have exceeded the job requirements and receive a monetary bonus. Since the programs implementation, MMC has seen a noticeable improvement in customer satisfaction at all of our accounts.


Unsatisfactory Performance

The facility and area supervisors are mandated to conduct a refresher training class for a cleaner when their performance rating grades out at 70% or below. The facility supervisor is requested to attend so that the area supervisor can make sure he/she is performing their supervisory duties correctly. The facility supervisor is ultimately responsible for the performance of the cleaners working under them, and their quarterly bonus is based on the area supervisor’s review of the buildings overall appearance. MMC believes in accountability and the quarterly bonus program assures that our employees make it a top priority.


Work Scheduling

Planning and scheduling assignments are crucial factors in controlling workloads to maximize the efficiency of the work force. Our scheduling activity begins with the review of contract specifications, which determine the cleaning frequency for specific areas. Established labor standards are applied to each area, and with the task frequencies, an estimation of the labor hours required to perform the work is developed. The tasks are then divided into those performed on a daily/non-periodic basis and those done on a periodic basis.
Daily work is further divided into custodial area, which is the maximum amount of space that can be cleaned by a single person in one shift, resulting in the development of a daily/nightly work staff. Periodic work is analyzed taking into consideration the type of cleaning task, specific skills, crew size needed, and the cleaning frequency in order to develop the appropriate staffing levels for these tasks.
All custodial areas come under the control of a supervisor who uses an established system of checks and balances to monitor and report on compliance with specifications and quality standards. All supervisors prepare summary weekly reports comparing actual performance against planned accomplishments for building cleaning.


MMC’s Training Program

The one characteristic that separated Manhattan Maintenance Company from other vendors is our account management department’s superior customer service skills. Our success is due in large part to our superior internal organization and in the field supervisory staff. Every account coordinator (AC) and in-field supervisor (IFS) has a junior AC or IFS who “shadows” their day to day activities for the accounts they are responsible for. The MMC training or mentoring program has proven to be extremely effective because the junior AC & IFS obtain valuable on the job work experience while under the tutelage of a seasoned and well established MMC employee.
The training of MMC account management staff for each account is completed at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the account; this allows our management staff ample time for site visits and other aspects of our transition model. The President of our firm and head of the account management division customizes the agenda for each account based on meetings/discussions she has with our client’s point of contact. Issues addressed in this meeting can include but are not limited to: hours of service, security requirements, inspections schedules, quality control measures, points of contact for daytime/after hours, etc. All of this important information is relayed to our contact at the client’s facility.
The average tenure with MMC of the Account Management team is 10.74 years. These experienced and reliable executives have repeatedly proved themselves to be the best in the business. Because each member has been with our firm for well over a decade, their training program will focus on understanding the client’s culture and the frequencies/specifications identified by the RFP, and training their “shadow” to evolve their methods to a new services or supplies account.
When MMC is awarded a new contract we assign our most experienced and well trained AC and IFS to manage the account. The “shadow” training program evolves as they developed a comprehensive understanding of their day to day responsibilities for the account via daily tutelage from their mentor. In addition to having the most dependable and experienced MMC account management personnel serving the account, an additional junior account management staffer will also assist with the less sensitive details, such as the transcription of Quality Control Report results from paper form to the client’s database.
MMC’s Account Management Team is already in place because our senior account management team will manage every aspect of the account. These proven account management professionals will have no other responsibilities other than the new account. They have unparalleled experience in the account management of the retail banking sector, having serviced over 25 accounts and 670 facilities in New York City and surrounding tri-state region within the past 10 years, and will be focused on exceeding the expectations of your Facility Management Team.


MMC Training Program for Janitorial and Cleaning Staff

The MMC Training Program for our cleaning staff will be much more in depth and hands-on than any other cleaning contractor in the nation. The MMC Director of Operations (DO) and the designated Resident Manager (RM) will be responsible for training all employees, which will take place on site prior to our start date. Our firms two decades of experience in the cleaning industry have proven time and time again that our philosophy of training people “the right way” the first time saves our firm time and money and drastically increases customer satisfaction during the genesis of a contract. Employee turnover ends up costing other janitorial service contractors more money in the long run, because of additional expensed associated with retraining a new employee. MMC’s historic yearly turnover rate is below 4% which is within the top percentile for our industry.
Training our employees “the right way” from day one assures that each cleaner and supervisor understands and accepts each and every aspects of their specialized duty for the account. MMC typically assigns a specific duty for each cleaning technician to perform within a facility, such as dusting, bathroom cleaning and periodic work orders. At a minimum, the DO spends each night for the first month of a contract touring the facility with the RM and his supervisors to make sure the cleaners have understood and are performing every aspect of their nightly duties. MMC employees will be trained for and perform each separate function generally in accordance with our “CUSTODIAL MANUAL PROCEDURES”. Our comprehensive planning and management systems provide everything we required to maintain all facility types at peak efficiency and in the most cost effective manner. Our custodial services plan will be further refined, before actual implementation by our corporate management staff, on-site project supervisor and janitorial supervisor/lead cleaner during phase-in. All janitorial service procedures and frequencies will be checked to ensure that they align with actual facility requirements and staffing levels.
One of the most important factors in the MMC custodial training program is chemical usage. The Director of Operations (DO) and Resident Manager (RM) will spend a considerable amount of time with each individual cleaner to discuss and review the proper situation to use each chemical MMC brings into a facility. All chemicals used by MMC are OSHA-Approved and their MSDS sheets are readily available in each janitor’s closet occupied by our firm. Our DO has developed an interactive approach to teach proper supply safety procedures with each type of chemical used. The interactive approach assures each custodian is absorbing this vital safety information and also understands the proper usage of each chemical MMC places in the janitor’s closet.
The MMC Technician Training Program is divided into two categories: those that are to be performed as part of a daily routine and are therefore called “Daily or Non-Periodic Cleaning”, and those that are to be performed on a recurrent basis, as defined by the RFP, and are therefore called “Periodic Cleaning”.
For a more information about our building facility and maintenance management services, please call (973) 227-3320. We service New York City and the surrounding tri-state area.

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