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Time Management

How Manhattan Maintenance Manages our Employees while on Site in your Building

In January 2005, MMC began using a Time Management Program (TMP) to increase customer satisfaction and security for our clients. The MMC Time Management Program is a telephone-based automated timekeeping system that goes far beyond just accurate timekeeping. In addition to onsite supervision, MMC’s TMP helps maintain control our of employees and increases customer satisfaction.

Time Management
Manhattan Maintenance’s Time Management Program allows our firm to increase profits, control payroll costs, and verify that each employee is working the amount of hours allocated to a specific job. Think of MMC’s Time Management Program as a reliable, easy-to-use call monitor system, or another onsite supervisor that works 24/7 to improve crew efficiency and to free supervisors for other important tasks, such as quality control.
MMC has over hundreds of employees in multiple states. With such a high headcount of people working every night, it is critical to have an accurate, dependable means of tracking employee times at each job.
Time Management Program helps ensure quality customer service by making sure MMC employees are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be!
How Does the MMC Time Management Program Produce A Higher Customer Satisfaction Rating?
Prior to January 2005, MMC had no timekeeping/management system in place. Once the system was implemented, the Time Management Program has saved MMC 9% in payroll costs and customer satisfaction rates improved by 16%. These costs savings are passed on to our customers (because of lower operating costs) and to our employees (through higher wages). With the TMP in place, MMC has gained valuable management tools such as:

  • Employee scheduling and management
  • Voicemail capability and paging
  • Tracking of no shows, late arrivals and early leavers
  • Ability to monitor activity by job and / or employee


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