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Post Construction Clean Up Services in NJ and NY


Don’t Breathe Dirty Air

If you are in the process of expanding your workplace, you know just how dirty your office can get during construction. Some construction companies may say they clean up their mess, and sure they remove the big stuff, but they are professional builders, not professional cleaners. When it comes to the post-construction clean-up, let our experts at Manhattan Maintenance Company get your new space ready for business. Known for providing the best commercial office cleaning in Essex County, New Jersey, we can make your office sparkle!

After the construction has finished, you might be so thrilled with the new offices and extra room, you might not notice the mess that has been left behind. Please use this check-list to determine if you need professional help to get your new addition clean.

  • Check the floors for paint splatter or excessive glue on floor seams. That needs to be cleaned up before the floors become discolored. Don’t attempt this yourself; you can do a lot of damage, very quickly.
  • Check the windows and trim for dust and paint splatter.
  • Dampen a colored piece of fabric and lightly rub it on the walls to see if the construction work left them covered in dust. You might not see it with your eyes, but the dust in the fabric doesn’t lie. Do not use a dry cloth, because that will spread the dust in the air, and the dust is not healthy for your lungs.
  • While you have that cloth out; check for dust and debris on desks, file cabinets, and other surfaces.
  • Do your visitors sit on upholstered furniture? How embarrassing would it be to see white powder on their clothes as they walk away?
  • Look outside to see if the crew left any trash or excess supplies lying around. You don’t want the first thing your visitor sees, to be a pile of construction debris.
  • Sniff the air. Does it smell dusty or have a construction odor? That is usually because of construction dust in the carpet. That can wear down the carpet fibers, destroy the finish on flooring, and can be unhealthy for the office occupants. Every step you take kicks up small clouds of lung-damaging dust. Construction dust is frequently composed of concrete, sheetrock and wood dust which may include formaldehyde, asbestos, silica and other lung irritants.
  • Look for scratches on the hardwood or tiled floors. Get the scratches repaired before the damage becomes more extensive.

With over 30 years of experience in post-construction clean-up and commercial cleaning in New Jersey and New York, Manhattan Maintenance Company will help you to make your new office space sparkle.

We can provide one time clean up or we can follow up the post construction clean-up with regular janitorial service for your business, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Call Laura in our Sales office at 973-227-3320 x 104 or send an email request to laura@manhattanmaintenance.com with your company information. Please include your name, company name and address, phone, approximate square footage, and how often you would like cleaning services performed and we will come out to give you a quote.

By the way, Manhattan Maintenance Company is certified as a minority woman owned small business, and as a green service provider (by the Green Business Bureau), and we have secret clearance from the US Government.

Call us today at 973-227-3320 for a free, no-obligation quote. And check out our website https://manhattanmaintenance.com to learn more about our company and the services we provide.

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