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Eight Tips to Keep Your Office Clean Between Janitorial Visits


At Manhattan Maintenance Company, we understand that not all businesses need a full time office cleaning service. So, we will provide you with some important tips, to enhance the cleanliness of your business between cleanings.

  1. Once or twice, during the day, walk in your front entrance and truly look around. What do you see that is out of place, messy, dirty? Encourage your employees to keep their work areas tidy and to keep drawers and cabinets closed. Think about how the office looks to visitors. Make the space inviting.
  2. Use disinfectant wipes and sprays to cut down on bacteria and germs. After a working lunch, be sure to wipe down your desk. Don’t forget to wipe down your phone and keyboard when you have been sick.
  3. Empty your trash can when it smells or is so full that papers are falling out on the floor. Believe it or not, some people don’t care for the smell of leftover food.
  4. Leave a supply of stickers and a marker near the fridge; so people can write their name on their food. That way when food starts to grow fur and teeth, the owner can be tracked down, to decide whether they want the container back or to chuck the whole thing.
  5. Don’t pile boxes in common areas. It just doesn’t look good. Try to keep common areas clean, because those are the areas that your guests will see. You want to make a good impression. Find an out of the way place to store boxes for pickup by the cleaning crew. And be sure to write, “Take me” or something similar on the boxes so we will know that we should pick them up. We are not allowed to take boxes that aren’t marked for pick up.
  6. Ask everyone to try to keep the paper piles on their desks to a minimum. Your clients don’t want to picture their private business information left out on a desk for all to see. Store papers in filing cabinets, desktop files or go paperless and keep everything on the computer.
  7. Lose some of the yellow sticky notes. Jot your to-do’s on a notepad and cross them off as they are accomplished. Or, better yet, input your list into your cell phone. That way you will have it with you when you need it.
  8. De-clutter and get rid of everything that you don’t need or want. Look around; what do you see? If you rarely use something, does it really need to be on your desk? Move it to another location where you can get it when you need it. Look at the trade show trinkets, knick-knacks, plants (real or artificial), and other decorations – if they make your office look shabby, get rid of them (or at least stow them away).

Follow these steps and your office is sure to impress your visitors. We can provide regular janitorial service for your business, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Call Laura in our Sales office at 973-227-3320 x 104 or send an email request to laura@manhattanmaintenance.com with your company information. Please include your name, company name and address, phone, approximate square footage, and how often you would like cleaning services performed and we will come out to give you a quote. By the way, Manhattan Maintenance Company is certified as a minority woman owned small business, and as a green service provider, by the Green Business Bureau, and we have secret clearance from the US Government. Call us today at 973-227-3320 for a free, no-obligation quote. And check out our website https://manhattanmaintenance.com to learn more about our company and the services we provide.

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